The dynamic world of marketing demands agility and precision. As we approach the final quarter of 2023, LinkedIn has announced new tools that will not only keep you in the game but elevate your strategies to new heights. In this blog post, we’re excited to showcase three groundbreaking products that promise to make your marketing efforts resonate with a resounding BANG! 💥💥💥

Predictive Audiences: Shaping the Future of Connection

LinkedIn’s AI-powered Predictive Audiences is a game-changer that seamlessly transforms your first-party data into actionable insights. Initially reserved for enterprise clients, this revolutionary tool has earned praise for its quality, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness.
By precisely identifying high-intent audiences, Predictive Audiences ensures that you connect with crucial buying groups. Leveraging data from sources such as Lead Gen Forms and behaviour-aligned contact lists, this tool broadens your campaign’s reach, targeting individuals with a higher likelihood of conversion. It’s the precision your marketing strategy has been waiting for.

Revenue Attribution Reporting: Beyond Boundaries

Say goodbye to traditional lead tracking – the Revenue Attribution Report erases the boundaries between marketing and sales. This revolutionary report, leveraging CRM data, showcases LinkedIn’s impact on key sales metrics such as revenue, pipeline, and ROAS.

Businesses have reported a staggering 39% increase in the likelihood of closing LinkedIn-influenced opportunities, resulting in deal sizes that are twice as large. It’s time to gain insights that go beyond the ordinary and understand the full impact of your marketing efforts across the entire funnel.

Scientific A/B Testing: Making Informed Decisions

Welcome to the future of testing with LinkedIn’s Scientific A/B Testing. This feature puts you in complete control, allowing you to experiment with various ad messaging, formats, and targeting options. It doesn’t stop there – conduct tests for ad placements on the LinkedIn Audience Network, ensuring your campaigns are finely tuned to resonate with your audience.

A/B Testing is an invaluable tool for any business hoping to make smarter decisions based on user behaviour. Some organisations testing this tool have seen scientifically verifiable results in an impressive 59% of their tests. It’s time to identify areas for improvement and refine your strategy based on real, actionable insights.

Elevate Your Strategy for 2023 Q4

These three innovations – Predictive Audiences, Revenue Attribution Reporting, and Scientific A/B Testing – will allow you to stay ahead of the curve with LinkedIn Advertising by providing you with the tools you need before you even realise it. If you are looking to stay ahead, stay connected, and unleash the power of innovation with LinkedIn but don’t have the resource or skills within your team, then contact us today and we can organise a kick-off call to help explain the benefits of LinkedIn advertising,