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About Deeds.

Here at Noble Studios, our motto is “Let’s Be Better Every Day”, but this doesn’t just apply to our internal operations. In an effort to always be better for ourselves and our communities, welcome to Noble Deeds, a philanthropic enterprise that donates a proportion of our time to local charities.

How did Noble Deeds start?

Noble Deeds was launched 12 years ago by Noble Performs, our partner and founding company in the US.

The idea came to Noble COO and co-founder Season Lopiccolo while volunteering to clear up trails on a mountain in Tahoe.

We were working with picks and axes and it was really hard going. I realised that this kind of work clearly wasn’t our strong point, but maybe there was another way to give back to the community”.

Season Lopiccolo

How is Noble Deeds structured?

Noble deeds is run by an employee committee, with one executive at the helm for guidance and discussion.

The committee works together to decide how the extra time will be used, and who the successful applicant will be. For now, we’ll be working with one organisation per year, with the aim to expand as the company grows.

How does the application process work?

Applications open June 27th and any charity in the Bristol, Bath or surrounding South Gloucestershire area is welcome to apply. Once open, all applicants will have a two-week window to submit their application, which will then be reviewed by the committee. Finalists will be selected for phone interviews by the start of July and the chosen recipient will be announced by mid-July. 

We’ll then kick-off the project with our chosen charity, to be completed within six months. Decisions are based around where we feel we could make the biggest impact, both during the project and by setting the chosen winner up for success long after our involvement has ended. 

Applications are welcome from charities in any sector – our US team has worked to support a variety of causes from education to animal rights to health and wellness.

What services can we offer?

Noble Deeds is about giving back to the community in the way we know best – by donating our time and digital marketing expertise. Our performance marketing services cover many areas, from SEO to content strategy, analytics, brand awareness and more. We’ll work with each winner to craft a strategy that best aligns with their needs; whether that’s informing the public, securing more funding, or attracting more volunteers.

We’re also passionate about setting up a foundation from which the charity can grow – we don’t want things to come to a standstill once the project has come to an end.

We support organisations to ensure they have the right skills in-house to keep smashing targets and see positive results.