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As Bristol’s top PPC agency, Noble Performs provides expert PPC management services by putting your business performance goals at the forefront of everything we do.

Our PPC strategies are developed to align with your goals, target audiences, competitor insights, and key topics and terms. Contact us today and start driving ROI from PPC.

What is PPC?

PPC is an extremely powerful way to drive real results for your business. Noble Performs’ PPC management services provide immediate results to your ad campaigns. PPC marketing strategies can be implemented across search, display, mobile, shopping, videos, remarketing, and more. It is our job to find the most relevant digital channels for PPC success.

When you partner with Noble Performs, you’re partnering with a team that ensures not only your ads perform well, but your pages are built to convert with strong calls to action, intelligent design, and much more. We create a seamless user experience by leveraging both your website and your ads, that will improve your ROI and foster long-term growth. It’s what makes us the leading PPC agency in Bristol.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

Noble Performs has been a leader in digital marketing for the better part of a decade. Not only are we a Premier Google Partner, but we’re a Google Marketing Platform Partner with certifications in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

As certified PPC agency partners to Google platforms, we have exclusive access to the latest resources and tools that help us better serve our clients. These partnerships help us deliver tailored and unique PPC management services to clients that drive results.

PPC Strategy

Successful PPC management starts with a solid PPC strategy. At Noble Performs, we expertly devise strategies that lead to valuable ROI for our clients.

Each of our PPC strategies are derived from a number of insightful inputs, including business strategies and goals, market share for key topics and terms, competitor analysis, audience targeting, geography, device usage, and more. Paid media algorithms are getting faster, smarter, and increasingly more accurate. Below are just a couple of the important insights we leverage to build a successful PPC strategy.

Google PPC
PPC Services

PPC Audit

A PPC audit is conducted for each client that enlists our PPC management services. This is where we discover new opportunities and maximise efficiency across each of your ad accounts. A PPC audit identifies areas where your accounts can improve and is essential to maintaining and optimising them. Customer experience matters, especially on mobile. We make sure that ad creative is personalised and that we’re still nurturing your existing customer base. This is where we identify and invest in your MVCs (Most Valuable Customers). In this stage, we determine the customers that will bring the most value to your business.

PPC Keyword Research

PPC keyword research starts with understanding user intent, not just fragmented keyword opportunities. What people search can vary dramatically depending on which stage of their buyer journey they’re in. We pride ourselves in understanding how to research high-value topics and corresponding keywords across the full funnel, and in turn, create personalised ad experiences that will resonate with target audiences.

PPC Competitor Research

Competitor analysis is extremely important when it comes to your PPC strategy. Competitors and their PPC activity have the potential to shape your PPC bid costs, how often your ads are shown, and how many people ultimately view your ads and click through to your website. The paid search industry is in constant motion, but completing a thorough competitor audit to understand the PPC landscape is the best way to drive success for your accounts.

PPC Management and Optimisation

PPC management consists of proactive elimination of wasteful spending and campaign optimisation on a daily basis. What do we mean by eliminating wasteful spending? We target campaigns where we see high costs and low returns as top priorities for opportunities for optimisation.

We take into account: impression share, auction insights, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more. Daily monitoring and management of your PPC account will ensure overall account quality that will outperform the competition.

PPC Performance Reporting

The best PPC performance reporting focuses on goals, performance data and delivery. How are PPC management efforts attributing to your bottom line? What are the ROAS and CPA? Are performance metrics trending to hit our KPI targets? By keeping your business goals and our PPC KPIs top of mind, our reports solely focus on opportunities that will drive ROI.