Season LopiccoloExecutive Director

Season Lopiccolo

Executive Director

Humility will get you everywhere. Just ask our super-humble Executive Director, Season Lopiccolo. Always quick with an empathetic smile and a word of encouragement, Season is driven by a desire to serve as an inspiration to others. This is her guiding philosophy both at work and at home with her children. An essentialist, everything she does is with the aim of striking a balance in her life.

A co-founder of Noble’s United States division, Season’s focus at Noble Digital Performance is on staff recruitment, ensuring the Noble hires the right individuals to drive the company forward over the next few years.

She also helps with Noble’s finances, marketing, operations, cultural development and mentorship to existing Noble employees.

An avid reader and creative writer, Season earned her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.