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Digital analytics is kind of our bread and butter. And when we say kind of, we mean our team of deeply thoughtful, statistics-loving, data devotees thrive when implementing your brand strategy into the digital marketplace.

Through Google Analytics, Search Console and other game-changing tools and methodologies, Noble Performs is expertly able to measure and understand the performance of your website and improve your customer’s experience.

The numbers don’t lie.

Certified Google Analytics Agency Partner

Noble Performs has been a leader in the digital marketing world for a long time, but it was cemented when the company was named a Certified Google Analytics Agency Partner with certifications in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Not only is it an honour, but it’s a pretty big deal for you, too. By working with us, Noble Performs is able to provide our clients and partners exclusive consulting, training, implementations, operations and technical support for the Google Marketing Platform. Being a Google Partner signals that we have met rigorous qualification standards – meaning that you have a team of digital analytics experts at your disposal.

“Data-driven” doesn’t really do our team justice: we’re result-drivers, success-seekers – big-brained, analyst-optimizers that love spreadsheets, keywords, content writing and technical optimisations. Whether you are looking for help with system integrations, measurement, media management, strategy or attribution, we offer the right combination of tools and services that are perfectly tailored to your business’s needs. Finding the right partner for display and video advertisingsearch advertising, analytics, testing or even creative design, for a single project or a bigger, long-term partnership, will help you achieve more with your marketing.

Our Web Analytics Services

Google Analytics Audit

First things, first, we’re going to make sure that your data is perfectly precise. Are the right things being tracked? Are they being tracked correctly? For data to be actionable, it needs to be accurate. How do we do a better job of paring it all down? A Google Analytics audit is basically a health check. It helps us identify if anything is broken, what reports can be avoided or aren’t need, what can be fixed, and if we can trust the data we’re getting. Then we’re off to the races.

Google Analytics Reporting

There are so many crucial reports that Google Analytics provides that give valuable insight into what’s happening on your site, the success of your campaigns, your traffic, your audience, your engagement, the list goes on and on. The vast array of reports available with this tool give you a 360-degree view of who’s looking at your website, what device they’re using, and which external sites are driving traffic to your site. These reports help you get granular with your data and validate the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Let’s get detailed.

Analytics Data Integrity

This is the overall accuracy, consistency and completeness of your data. Data integrity is key to complying with data protection regulations like GDPR. There are two types of data integrity – physical integrity and logical integrity – that protect your data’s wholeness (such as if a natural disaster strikes) and keeps your data unchanged as it is used and accessed in different ways, sometimes multiple times a day, in a relational database. Data integrity encompasses every aspect of data quality. And quality data is gold around here.

Analytics Customer Insights

Validating your business decisions with data is the best way to avoid risk, right? Noble Performs have long been fascinated, dare we say, obsessed, with data. We humbly pride ourselves in being data scientists with strong skills in database programming and statistics. Diving into customer insights will help you generate a higher return on your marketing and promotional investments, increase sales to your existing customers, lower net new acquisition costs, increase loyalty, and increase your sales force effectiveness by targeting qualified prospects. This is how you get more value.

Top 5 Reasons
Why You Need an Analytics Marketing Agency

#1: Cut down your costs.

While many clients think that an in-house data analyst is less expensive, hiring an analytics marketing agency is actually more effective over time. Think of it like an independent contractor. You simply need to share your goals, we’ll do the rest. There’s no training or onboarding, it’s just a partnership that is ready to hit the ground running.

#2: Work with experts

We are the authority on all things analytics. Our Google Partnership makes sure of that. Not only do we need re-certify each year, but we also stay up-to-date on the latest algorithms and roll-outs for search. Working with us helps build trust in your brand.

#3: Use exclusive tools.

It’s no secret that digital marketing requires the use of quite a few tools to streamline your campaigns. And unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all-this-software-does-everything tool. To run a successful campaign you will need a paid search management tool, some sort of automation tool, a way to research competitors, view analytics, explore keywords… The list goes on. The cumulative costs of using these online marketing tools can be a lot for your business, but as an analytics marketing agency, we already have these tools. You don’t need to worry about the recurring costs, we do.

#4: CBe on top of trends.

Digital marketing changes constantly. Unless you’re a digital marketing expert, there really is no way to stay on top of it all. Noble Performs is a web analytics agency that can help you and your website stay on top of digital marketing services like PPCSEOsocial media marketingCRO and more.

#5: Flexibility.

Not only is working with a Google analytics agency practical, but we also offer flexibility and a fresh new perspective for your business goals. In-house teams typically have limited experiences. Noble Performs offers insights and expertise in digital marketing so you can focus on what matters most—your business operations. With digital marketing, we can test, stop and pivot campaigns in real-time.