SEO, PPC & Email Marketing Case Study

The Challenge

LDC is the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group. They specialise in working with ambitious SMEs to accelerate their growth and bring success to UK based businesses.

LDC wanted to overhaul their online presence with a new website and digital marketing strategy. This required not only a smooth migration from their old site to the new one but also a new strategic approach across all channels, including Organic Search, Paid Media, and Email Marketing.

With a number of high-profile campaigns scheduled for 2020, including the LDC Top 50, they needed a strategy that would help them meet their ambitious targets.

LDC Case Study

The Solution

Working alongside our partner agency Mr B and Friends, we assisted in launching LDC’s new website, managing the site migration to ensure all previous performance carried over to their new online experience. This involved not only a range of behind-the-scenes technical SEO tasks, but also content, with Noble ensuring all pages on the site were properly optimised.

In tandem with the site launch, we also kicked off new PPC and email marketing strategies. The timings were managed delicately to ensure all the different aspects of the launch ran in tandem with each other.

Past the launch, we monitored each of these campaigns closely to ensure they ran optimally and achieved their goal of driving qualified leads to the LDC site, maintaining a high level of engagement.

The Results

Through our partnership, we ensured a smooth migration from the old LDC site to the new one. In addition to this, we’ve also helped push engagement levels to a new high across multiple channels, with annual campaigns achieving their highest results yet in 2020. It’s something we look forward to building on even further in the future.

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