When it comes to PPC, things are always changing. As a result, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends! So, without further ado, here are our top PPC predictions for 2021.


This year there is going to be major changes to consumer data privacy, predominantly with Google Chrome limiting 3rd party cookie tracking and Apple’s iOS14 is set to force app developers to ask for permission to track users for ad targeting. This could mean that we’re likely to see advertisers shift their focus to Google Ads to more accurately measure their ROI which could lead to a drop in impression share and a rise in cost per click. 

That said, paid search diversification could also be a trend in 2021, as we see more consumers begin to move away from Google search to other search engines such as Bing (and one day in the not too distant future, Apple search). 


As we’re likely to see more business advertise online, perfecting ad messaging is even more important as not only do we want to reach the right person at the right time, we don’t want to miss an opportunity with underperforming copy.

According to the 2020 B2B Buyer Behaviour Study, this year B2B organisations are keen to highlight features, functionality, customer support services, product training, and implementation support in order to attract and engage B2B buyers. So if you are in the B2B industry, ensure your ad copy incorporates all of the above as a minimum requirement.

The importance of DSA’s

Over the past couple year’s Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) and Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) have been an effective tool to enhance your paid search performance.

In 2021 we predict that DSA campaigns will become even more popular after the changes Google made to the search query report in September 2020. Now that the report includes only terms that a significant number of users searched for, DSA campaigns offer an efficient way to find new keywords. Their search query reports can help reveal gaps in keyword coverage and identify new opportunities to reach potential customers.

Think Local

One of the biggest challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic is that consumer search behaviour has shifted towards local business due to local travel restrictions. In 2021 even with travel restrictions lifted we’ll likely see businesses continue to think local to attract people that do not yet want to travel and take advantage of the opportunity they have around them. In 2020, there was a large transition as consumers wanted to support local businesses through the difficult times which we expect to continue in 2021.


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