Last month, the search term ‘SEO agency’ was trending at its highest point ever according to Google Trends:

It makes sense. SEO is an area where many businesses – both large and small – have their interests focused at the moment. Over the past decade, businesses across all sectors have had to shift their attention to the online world, as the way customers shop and look for services has changed dramatically. The current pandemic has only solidified the need for companies to have a strong presence online.

No matter which industry they operate within, it’s no longer feasible for a business to approach digital marketing in a passive manner. If they want to stay ahead of their competitors, they need to be active.

When it comes to developing a digital marketing strategy, there are several different channels that businesses need to take into consideration, such as Pay Per Click, Social Media, and Video Marketing. However, in many ways, SEO is the most important, playing a foundational role in any digital marketing strategy. By investing in your business’s SEO strategy, you’re ensuring that your website is in good health, and that anyone who’s driven there has a positive experience.

This explains why the search volume for the term ‘SEO agency’ in particular is at an all-time high. Not only is SEO an essential component of any digital marketing strategy, but it’s also a complicated one. There are dozens of tools that need to be considered – from Google’s Analytics and Search Console to dedicated third-party ones – and many different areas that need to be focused on. From meta data to site speed and backlinks, it can be an overwhelming topic to dive into without any training.

This is where SEO agencies step in. The only way to ensure you’re optimising your business’s website in the most appropriate way, and maximising engagement, is to enlist the help of those who are intimately familiar with SEO. An effective SEO strategy will provide your business with the foundation it needs to grow its presence online and expand its market share.

Noble Performs can provide your business with the support it needs when it comes to search engine optimisation. We also have extensive expertise in all other areas of digital marketing, including Pay-Per-Click, Social Media, Content, and Video.

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