For a long time, BrightEdge has served as a foundational tool for the SEO work we carry out at Noble Performs. It provides us with valuable insights and performance data, supporting us in offering an unrivalled level of service to our clients.

BrightEdge serves as a single source of truth when it comes to SEO factors such as keyword rankings, competitor analysis and backlink analysis for our clients. Because of this, we wanted to go over some of our favourite features the platform offers and how they play into the services we offer at Noble Performs.

Keyword Tracking

Being able to accurately track keyword performance and identify new opportunities is the crux of any SEO strategy. BrightEdge allows us to create organised keyword lists for our clients and track their performance over time. Additionally, it also provides support in identifying new longtail keyword opportunities, highlighting where we can expand a client’s reach organically.

Competitor Analysis

In addition to offering unrivalled insights into our clients’ keyword performance, BrightEdge also allows us to compare their performance toe-to-toe with key competitors. Not only does assist us with identifying new, relevant keywords, but it also helps us unpick competitors’ strategies to see why they might be ahead of us in certain areas. The ability to set up custom alerts, such as when a client loses a page 1 position, helps us to ensure our finger is always on the pulse: ready to take action as soon as it’s needed.

Data Cube

The Data Cube tool is one of our favourites, providing a quick snapshot of a particular domain or keyword. At a glance, we can see how a website is trending organically and which keywords are generating most of its traffic. We can then leverage this data to identify new opportunities and any potential weak spots in a company’s strategy.


Though we provide all of our clients with regular performance updates through meetings and reports, BrightEdge’s dashboard feature allows for complete transparency. We can build tailored SEO dashboards for clients, focused around which areas are important to them, whether it be keyword rankings, share of voice or backlinks. Updated regularly by BrightEdge, this can be accessed by our clients at any time, providing them with a snapshot of their SEO performance without the constant need for shooting back and forth Excel and PowerPoint files.

In short, BrightEdge acts as a powerful single point of truth for Noble Performs’ SEO clients, drawing together data from a range of sources. By simplifying the process of tracking our clients’ performance, removing the need for multiple tabs and windows, it allows us to spend more time driving results.

To learn more about how Noble Performs and BrightEdge work together to deliver a seamless SEO service for businesses in all sectors, get in touch with us today.