LinkedIn has long been the preferred social media marketing channel for B2B companies. The business-minded LinkedIn members are accustomed to the social media network’s advertising already includes sponsored InMail messages and social media posts.

Along with the dynamic ad types, LinkedIn offers advertisers superior audience targeting. High-value prospects can be reached by company, title, seniority, skills and a variety of other unique criteria suited to B2B social media marketing.

Video View and Lead Gen Form Retargeting on LinkedIn

Two of the more effective LinkedIn advertising types have been video posts and lead gen forms in recent years. Video content has grown exponentially across all social media, thanks to faster mobile speeds and lower barriers to creating high-quality videos. Lead generation form ads allow users to complete forms without leaving the platform, which increases form completions and reduces the cost per lead.

A recent article from Search Engine Journal describes a new LinkedIn Advertising feature that provides the ability to retarget users based on video view and lead gen form engagement.

The feature allows advertisers to retarget LinkedIn users that open a lead gen form or watch a portion of a video with another message. Both opening a lead generation form and watching a significant amount of a video post are interest intent signals. Even if the user didn’t convert this time, they are at least aware of the message and might be more likely to convert with additional messaging.

Increase B2B Social Media Marketing Conversion Rates

One example of how this functionality can increase conversions is with online events. A video trailer for the event can generate excitement and show the value of participating in the event. Audiences that watch 25%, 50%, 75% or more of a video can then be targeted with an additional LinkedIn ad that encourages registration. Because the user demonstrates intent and interest, the advertiser could use tailored messaging in the new ads that address barriers to enrollment and highlights the benefits of the event.

Reduce LinkedIn Advertising Costs

Another example designed to reduce costs focuses on leveraging the lead gen form retargeting. LinkedIn’s new feature allows users that open or submit information in a lead gen form to be retargeted. In the case of when a user opens a form but doesn’t complete, retargeting messaging could focus on delivering more value for completing the form. This is an opportunity to address mid and low-sales funnel questions when retargeting audiences that have already completed the lead gen form.

LinkedIn is yet another social media platform to develop remarketing opportunities around on-platform user behavior. When combined with appropriately tailored messaging, this functionality can lift conversion rates, push costs down, and creates a higher level of attribution. At an unprecedented time in digital marketing, we’re excited to see our clients begin taking advantage of LinkedIn’s new features.