How to Lean Into Your Digital Marketing Responsibly and Effectively

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We would like to share some of the advice that we’ve been giving to clients in the UK as we all navigate the on-going impact of COVID-19. Here are some helpful ideas on how you can lean into your digital marketing in a responsible and effective way.


We’ve found that leaning in has really focused on listening to the current issues clients are facing. This can allow agencies to work with their clients on the development of deeper and more insightful marketing strategies to help support and navigate through uncertain times.

It’s important to try and keep morale high and to check in regularly, even just for a friendly chat. We have found that just by kicking off meetings sharing some positive news really can keep the positivity following – even if it’s just something heartwarming seen on Reddit or a humorous background for your video conference call.


You look to your performance agency to be the expert in the room (or video call) and right now this is more apparent than ever. As you may feel the strain of budget reductions or drastic changes in broader marketing strategies. It’s an agency’s role to define and deliver on how you can still drive an impact in an uncertain time. This seat at the table is as crucial as ever. And as important as listening is, it’s just as important to define the right approach for now.

We’ve found by utilising small but strategic test budgets you can gain a more informed perspective of the current landscape in a measurable and accurate way. We’ve also recommended investing in further A-B testing in ad messaging to help bring clarity in confusing times. This allows, even on slim budgets, agencies to be nimble and drive value.


The world has changed and so have we. Therefore marketing efforts will also need to adapt to the new landscape we’re all faced with. Agility is a key focus for agencies. To be agile with changing client requirements is something we’re experiencing every day. 

Whether it’s dialing up or ramping down paid media activities, moving to supporting longer-term website SEO efforts, or deploying responsive search campaigns. We’ve found that being able to pivot efficiently is of great value to clients. It’s about feeling heard and understood, and then seeing that carried out in an impactful and meaningful way.

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