Following their announcement of helping small to medium businesses during Covid-19, this week Google updated the requirements and information on how to receive ad credits.

Who is Eligible?

The main requirement is that they must have spent on Google Ads 10 out of the last 12 months in 2019 and in January and/or February  earlier this year.

Therefore, if you haven’t used any media spend via Google Ads this year, unfortunately you will not be eligible. That includes brand new accounts.


Agency Accounts and MCC’s

If you are an marketing agency that uses an MCC (manager-level) account that has multiple ad accounts within, the credits are distributed per eligible account and are not distributed at the MCC level. Therefore the client should receive the email from Google stating if they are eligible.

Don’t threat though, if you do have an MCC and have advertised your own business throughout the months above you too will be eligible for your own separate credit.


How Much Can You Receive?

Google has stated that eligible accounts will receive 1 ad credit, unfortunately Google has not released how much each that 1 credit will be worth or how this is calculated.


When Can You Expect To Receive Ad Credits?

Ad credits will be added to eligible accounts starting next month. The ad credit will be automatically applied and admins on the account will be notified via email. The credits can be used up to the end of this calendar year and will then be revoked after that date if they haven’t been used by then.

Credits can be used across the entire Google Ads platform that includes Search, Display and YouTube, along with any campaign goal or type within those.